Laying the foundations for an attractive flexible workplace

Create better meetings!

No more unprepared, unengaged meetings with no clear agenda or purpose. It’s time to strengthen the meeting culture and create the foundation for better collaboration, higher well-being and more time for focus tasks

Sharpen meetings and strengthen the foundations of the attractive flexible workplace

Recent years have fundamentally changed what it means to go to work and how we collaborate. We have had to learn how to navigate in a world where physical and virtual meetings merge and where the amount of digital meetings has grown exponentially.

Facilitation and meeting management have become indispensable skills in the attractive flexible workplace, where it is easy to retain and recruit the best employees. This places new demands on how you and I plan, communicate and create results together across platforms, personalities and physical locations.

In this workshop, you won’t just get questions for reflection or plans that will sit in a drawer gathering dust. You will get solutions.

  • Concrete and practical skills that can help you strengthen the meeting culture and well-being in your workplace.
  • Tools, guidelines and templates that provide effective and engaged meetings regardless of whether all participants are physically gathered, whether there is hybrid participation in the physical meeting or whether everyone meets virtually.
  • Input, both for the longer-term strategies for how to recruit, onboard and collaborate in the future and for how to solve everyday challenges in the here and now.

This workshop will help you to:

  • Understand the dynamics and differences between physical, hybrid and virtual meetings and why the differences are important
  • Prepare optimally for the meeting so that you use your time as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible
  • Reach out to all meeting participants so that they really engage in the meeting – even those on the other side of the screen
  • Get better at ensuring effective meetings and free up time and energy for other important tasks
  • Take control of the working day and minimize inappropriate noise and interruptions
  • Become aware of how you can use your meetings to increase productivity and deliver results, as well as to increase psychological safety and strengthen social cohesion

Learn how to:

  • Create a stronger meeting culture through better communication, relationship awareness and good new habits
  • Become effective hybrid meeting leaders and participants
  • Find ways to break old habits through new insights and wise use of tools
  • Plan your workday effectively to avoid digital burnout
  • Cut down on poorly used meeting time and increase dedicated time for concentrated work, socializing and those all-important breaks

After the workshop, you will know how to:

  • Use technology to support your creativity, drive and collaboration
  • Plan and prepare your meetings so that participants want to engage and get involved
  • Use meetings as an effective management tool, both in terms of productivity and well-being in the workplace
  • Create the razor-sharp agenda, script and meeting minutes for all types of meetings
  • Prepare and facilitates your meetings so you stay on time and don’t just end up putting new, fruitless meetings in the calendar
  • Create your own new meeting culture so that it supports and forms the foundation for relationships and good collaboration
  • Create a strong common identity and understanding in the workplace
  • Increase motivation and job satisfaction and give employees an increased sense of ownership through better meetings

Target audience:

Managers and staff at all levels


Physical workshop


Rie Helmer

Associate partner in and Management and communication advisor

Rie is an associate partner in with over 20 years of experience in communication, presentation and executive presence, including from her work as a former TV host on programs such as Sporløs and Aftenshowet on DR1. Today, she uses her unique experience to help meeting and team leaders facilitate strong hybrid meetings, sharpen their messages and deliver them in a controlled, credible and safe way.
In short, Rie is our expert in helping leaders create clarity, credibility, and hybrid presence in the meeting, on the screen, in the office or in a hybrid of both.

Jesper RIedel

Director, Chief Consultant and founder

Jesper is the founder of and has for the last 3 years primarily worked with management consulting within flexible workplaces and hybrid management. Jesper has +20 years of experience from international tech companies that practiced flexible work. Most recently 10 years as a manager in Microsoft, including 7 years as a hybrid leader of international teams. Today, he dedicates his time to practical solutions that enhance hybrid work and help leaders build strong hybrid leadership competencies.
In short, Jesper brings the deep experience from hybrid leadership and flexible working that can help managers and employees find practical solutions to the challenges of the modern flexible workplace

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