Create employee engagement and get everyone on the hybrid journey

Hybrid culture and collaboration

Based on international experience and innovative tools, we have created an online workshop that we facilitate jointly with your managers and employees.

Surveys show that employees are generally satisfied with the flexibility that hybrid work offers. But at the same time, many companies are seeing signs of declining well-being and attachment to the workplace. How do you dig deeper and get challenges uncovered properly? And how do you create consensus about the solutions that can create a stronger hybrid workplace?

If we make an extra effort, we have a unique opportunity to listen to the employees and create the best foundation for the hybrid work. In collaboration with Insight-ment, we have created an engaging online workshop concept, which helps you create employee involvement and give everyone a voice. It is now that employees must be involved if the hybrid transformation is to succeed

Make your hybrid work culture a success through serious employee involvement

  • Invest in listening to and understanding your employees’ attitudes, thoughts and desires for your hybrid collaborative culture.
  • Show your employees that you take their perspectives seriously by creating a free space where everyone can have a say.
  • Invite employees to participate in the development of your future culture in an effective, engaging way.
  • Together, you will find the right way to give employees freedom and flexibility without compromising the community, the power of innovation, the connection to the workplace and the well-being of the individual.
  • Create a community of employees and a culture that does not have the physical encounter as the focal point.

How the online dialogue works

  • In writing
  • Anonymous
  • 60 minutes duration
  • 7 – 1,500 participants
  • Questions are asked in real time by a moderator
  • Mathematical algorithm identifies the most important answers

The participants have three tasks:

  1. Write your own ideas and attitudes
  2. Evaluate responses from other participants
  3. Comment on responses from other participants Together, the group finds the most important answers:

Based on the participants’ own assessment, consensus and conflicts in the overall group are identified.

Benefits for participants:

  • Answer in their own words
  • Defines for yourself what is important to them.
  • Everyone speaks.
  • Everyone’s attitudes are worth just as much.
  • Mutual inspiration gives new ideas and thoughts.
  • The individual is constantly running himself, no waiting time.
  • The participants themselves create the conclusions.

Benefits for you:

  • Fast and efficient
  • Focused participation
  • Surprising insights can be pursued as they arise
  • Priority overview of key statements can be accessed immediately
  • Data-driven, quantitative weighting behind all statements
  • Insights are easy to trade on
  • Simple and easy to get started

Workshop facilitators

sara color
Sara Høyer Kragelund

Director and co-founder of Insightment

Sara Høyer Kragelund is co-founder of Insightment. Offering digital conversations for ambitious organizations and managers who want to create positive change through involvement of the company’s employees. Sara is a political scientist with 10 years of experience from the tech industry, most recently as Head of Marketing at Microsoft Denmark.

Jesper color
Jesper RIedel

Director and founder of

Jesper Riedel has 10 years of international leadership experience, including 7 years of hands-on experience as a hybrid leader at Microsoft. Jesper is the founder of and focusing on providing inspiration, workshops and leadership consulting on hybrid leadership and hybrid workplace strategies. 

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