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Co-creation workshop

How do you collect feedback and ideas across departments, locations or teams? We have created a solution that gives microphone to everyone, in an engaging online conversation about important topics at your workplace.

Mobilize the entire organization's energy and knowledge

Utilize the full potential and energy in your organization by moving the change strategy into the organization and incorporating all the knowledge that middle managers, employees and other members of the organization possess.

Changing to a flexible workplace is a journey, not a one off. We cannot foresee, plan and determine everything  from the start. Rather we need to adopt and learn along the way. Therefore, its vital to regularly pause and gather learning and feedback from those who knows the everyday live, your employees. Changes that do not have the support of anyone other than management are doomed to fail. Therefore, it makes good sense to mobilize the entire organization’s energy and potential. Of course, unforeseen crises can arise in any organization, which call for quick action, and management demands for here-and-now adjustment. But from both the research and from our own practice, we also know that if the strategy is not owned by those who must implement it, it is doomed to fail. Our digital solution makes it both resource- and cost-effective to involve the entire organization so that it accelerates progress.

4 good reasons to invite the organization to a digital online forum

How it works

In our co-creation workshop, participants respond in writing and anonymously to questions posed by a moderator in real time. The participants assess whether they agree with statements from other participants and can comment on each other’s answers. In this way, we generate insight into what matters to each individual participant – and what is most important to the group as a whole

Our unique digital platform has three purposes:

  • To make it possible for all participants to have their say and be heard, regardless of the size of the group

  • To ensure that all participants consider the ideas and thoughts of their colleagues

  • To identify the most important insights across all participants’ responses – based on the participants’ own assessments

The conversations are facilitated live by our experienced consultants who are experts in digital involvement.


  • Silent meeting – anonymous text based online dialogue
  • 30-60 minutes
  • 7 – 1,500 participants
  • Knowledge you can act on!

Workshop facilitators

sara color
Sara Høyer Kragelund

Director and founder of Insightment

Sara  is the founder of Insightment, which through online dialogue helps ambitious organizations and leaders create positive changes through involvement and dialogue with the company’s employees. Sara is a graduate of Cand.scient.pol and has 10 years of experience from the tech industry, most recently as marketing manager at Microsoft.

Jesper color
Jesper RIedel

Director and founder of

Jesper is director of LeapForward and founder of, which through lectures, workshops and consultancy helps organizations create the hybrid workplace of the future. Jesper has 10 years of international management experience, including 7 years of practical experience as a hybrid manager in Microsoft internationally.

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