The hybrid transformation requires strong hybrid leaders

Coaching for hybrid leaders

Even with the best intentions and clear framework for the hybrid work, it is easy to fall back into old habits. In order to succeed with the hybrid, there is a need for both competence building and focus on the transformation process itself. We offer coaching of managers – from managers who themselves have practical experience of leading and working in hybrid workplaces

We coach many leaders in the same situation, and specialize in hybrid management

With a focus on developing managers' hybrid competencies

Coaching is a powerful tool for driving the hybrid management transformation. With a focus on reflection and the development of personal management skills, we help drive the transformation.

The workplace of the future is already here and we meet many companies that have been good at defining the hybrid framework. But have we remembered to bring the leaders on the journey? The development of hybrid competencies is crucial for the success of future leaders. Leading a hybrid team requires a new perspective on leadership, and skilled leaders who embrace both worlds and know how to lead with empathy, openness and clarity.

We tailor the course to your needs

Coaching is a powerful tool for driving the hybrid management transformation. With a focus on reflection and the development of personal management skills, we help drive the transformation.

With Hybrid Management Coaching, you help drive the transformation right to the door. Dress your leaders to lead with a focus on job satisfaction, productivity and success.

Typical course:

  • Reconciliation with HR around hybrid strategy and organizational goals
  • Initial survey among managers
  • Introduction and definition of hybrid dilemmas, focus areas and personal goals for the individual leader
  • Before each coaching session, there will be a specific task and reflection within an agreed area
  • The leaders participate in 6-12 online sessions of 50 minutes by appointment
  • Relevant inspirational material is shared between the sessions
  • Final survey among participating leaders
Hybrid coaching model

Our coaches

Our coaches are former leaders of hybrid teams, and deeply concerned with the potential to create a new strong hybrid workplace, for the benefit of both organization and employees

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Salomé Asseraf Trambach

Lead Coach

Salomé is a management coach with deep experience in virtual and hybrid collaboration. Salomé has worked for 7+ years in, among other things, start-ups, where the collaboration naturally took place across national borders. In addition to Denmark and Europe, she has experience from China, Mexico, Ghana, the U.A.E and the USA and thus contributes with an international and cross-cultural perspective. She is deeply concerned with self-awareness and self-awareness and uses it in her management coaching to build trust in teams and organizations. Today she is a certified Life & Leadership coach and runs the coaching company She coaches in Danish, English and French.

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Jesper Riedel


Jesper is the founder of, delivers lectures and workshops on hybrid management, and advises companies on hybrid transformation. Jesper has 7 years of practical experience building and leading teams that navigated the hybrid setup at Microsoft, with a base of employees in Dublin and the rest spread across EMEA. Through the company LeapForward, Jesper holds weekly seminars and workshops on the subject. Jesper is the founder of and is interested in the potential of creating the hybrid workplace of the future. For the past 10 years, Jesper has been a coach and mentor with a special focus on career development and management development.

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