Taking the temperature of the flexible workplace

Hybrid Healthcheck

With a hybrid health check, we help you get a clear picture of the strengths and potential weaknesses of your hybrid setup. If desired, we can combine targeted surveys with factual data from your backend. By combining the individual’s perception with the data-based basis, you get an even stronger evidence-based basis for decision-making.

Know where to focus

The flexible workplace is a reality, to the benefit of both employees and the workplace. But at the same time, many workplaces are also experiencing some side effects of a more dispersed workforce, and that we may not always have created the right structure to ensure optimal meetings and collaboration. Perhaps you find that it is harder to maintain the same cultural attachment, that it is difficult to pick up signals of poor well-being and stress, or that interdisciplinary collaboration is a bit creaky. Our hybrid health check gives you a better understanding of where exactly you are and where you stand in relation to other organizations.
We help you with a comprehensive analysis that creates the insight needed to strengthen cohesion, belonging, collaboration and well-being for all employees, whether they are working from other locations, hybrid or the office.

We focus on the main hybrid themes

By combining targeted surveys and employee interviews with factual data from your backend systems, we identify the most important areas for action and suggest possible solutions.
Our healthcheck can be tailored to your needs, for example in the areas below:
Culture, team and relationships

  • Leadership competencies
  • Structure and rules
  • Meetings and collaboration
  • Office and facilities
  • Well-being and motivation
  • Tools, IT support and processes
Gain insight into your challenges and obstacles so you identify opportunities and risk factors and address them quickly!

Concrete input you can use

Based on the data collected, we prepare a report with conclusions and suggestions for concrete initiatives that can be taken to strengthen the flexible workplace.

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