Hybrid media training

The world is returning to the the offices. However, many companies continue to allow homework several days a week for employees. It presents new challenges for the leaders, and not least those who will lead larger meetings in the future. With meeting participants both physically present in the meeting room and at home at the screens, you as a meeting leader must learn a new discipline. Hybrid meeting management.

The hybrid leader as TV host

Get through strongly to all participants, both physically and online


The hybrid meeting requires more than the virtual. You have to master to get through to everyone. Both those in the room and those in the living rooms. It’s actually almost like a live broadcast on TV. Based on how to act as a TV host, we teach your managers and employees to be present and structured meeting leaders who manage to engage everyone, and thus create the best results of the meetings. We are committed to helping you become strong hybrid meeting leaders, reach out strongly to everyone in the hybrid meeting and provide tips and tricks specifically tailored to the individual leader.

  • How to prepare for the hybrid meeting
  • This is how you stay present and get everyone involved
  • How to ommunicate with good energy to everyone
  • How to create dialogue and commitment
  • How to use your voice and language to penetrate everyone
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Introductory seminar

We start by introducing all participants to the important principles of hybrid presence and how to get through effectively to all

training, training course, business training

Individual training

Subsequently, we run targeted coaching courses with the individual leaders, with a focus on the individual’s challenges and pieces.

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The course is delivered both with open registration and as an adapted course for companies.